Wednesday Weekly Devotional – April 15, 2020

by Pastor Melissa Wall

6:24 am Saturday Morning of Holy Week. The light was beginning to dawn yet it was still dark in my bedroom.. the place that has become my isolation for the last 10 days now. Holy Saturday also known as Silent Saturday held a different meaning for me this year as I know it did for many of us. Not in the way we would have asked for and yet God continues to mold, continues to whisper, continues to redeem story. When Jesus called Himself Immanuel – God with us – it was and is a reminder that in the dark days He is there.

Matthew 28:20:
And be sure of this… I AM with you always even to the end of the age. 

Isolation is lonely by its definition… over the last 10 days moments where the emotional reality of this sickness, the unknowns and the fear have crept into my mind and heart. And yet more often than not even in complete isolation I have felt an army of people with me truly fighting alongside of me. 

When I wrote this notion to Charlie Soria last week he responded, “That is because you do! These are uncharted times with only God having a copy of the game plan. But we are in it with you.” 

I can’t express fully in words my gratitude for your prayers! I feel them truly, and have a greater sense of the Holy Spirit:  

             Even though not seen -> felt

             Even though not tangible -> undoubtedly present.

John 20:22
“Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” Then He breathed on them and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” 

God incarnate came to earth, offered Himself on the cross, and offered Himself as Holy Spirit: fully present and closer than our breath. Breathing is innate… we just breathe. The last few days for me, I have thought more about my breathing in and out than ever before in my life. The gift of oxygen in my lungs and life in my spirit is a fully engaging and present reality these days. And it reminds me what a gift breathing truly is. The words in Hebrew for breath and spirit are one and the same. Spirit / Breath living within us. 

From the awareness of our breath, by breathing in and out, God has given us a full awareness of who He is. Immanuel God with us. And we can take this awareness in the dark days and know He is near. And give the gift like I have received of prayers… so that others do not feel alone. 

What prayer do you need Holy Spirit to breathe into you today? 

What prayer could you offer to someone else? 

6:25 a.m. Monday morning: “Bright Monday”… as it is called by the Eastern Orthodox Christians. What a perfectly crafted name. May you sense the Light and Bright love and breath of Holy Spirit in your heart and mind and soul today.